Wednesday, April 04, 2007

superman got a super flu

Yes, Superman got a super flu, and it must has something to do with the green kryptonite. The super flu makes Superman feel really weak and cold. Plus he is sweating like the Aqua Man because of the high fever.
It started on Sunday morning. Superman wasn't feeling good after he got up, and he spend the whole day trying to sleep, but he couldn't. (by the way, Superman doesn't like to sleep during the day unless he is sick.) Anyhow, he didn't think that was a big deal so he went to work on Monday, but the symptoms of a flu reaction started to occur on Superman's body. So he went to see his family doctor, did a blood test, and went back to work. Superman started to feel weaker after work, and his body feels like burning, and the body temperature was up to 38.7, and he constantly wake up because the shirt was totally wet due to the sweat.
Superman, didn't go to work the next day, and stay home for the whole day and try to sleep and get away from the super flu... unfortunately, the super flu carrying the super power, even Superman can't handle it himself. Therefore, he went to get help from another Doctor near his place, and got some prescription drug call 'Tamiflu'. But things is not going well with Superman, his body temperature went up again to 38.1 on Tuesday night, and so he still can't work the next day.
It's Wednesday morning, Superman got up at 7:30am and wrote an email to work for another sick day off, but he felt a bit better. The temperature came dome, but he still having a bad headache. Anyhow, lets us wish Superman will get better before the Easter holiday.


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