Monday, May 21, 2007

Harrison Hot Springs

Just got back from one of the BC's famous tourism attraction - Harrison Hot Springs. I did some research before the trip, and the comments for this place are pretty mix 50% of people like it and other 50% of people really hate it. I find it is really good for a 2~3 days relaxation place specially for BC residents. It's only 2 hours drive from Vancouver, and it's really easy to find.
We stay in 'Harrison Hot Springs Spa and Resort'. It's has 5 'hot spring' pools in the hotel, and that is the reason why I picked this hotel. Gatta love swim men. It was a great trip, but the only bad thing is the raining weather. On the other hands, I was really surprise that most of the stores and restaurants in Harrison Hot Spring are dog friendly, therefore it made it a really realize trip for us - no need to eat in the hotel room with dog, no need the dog watching outside of the store, and etc. (if you have a dog, then you know what I'm talking about)
Somehow, I only take some pictures in the Minter Garden, but not in the Harrison Hot Spring. But I'm sure you can find some pictures of it from 'Google' Ha-ha.
If you want to see the pictures of the trip, click the title of this blog will take you to my Flickr site


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