Friday, July 04, 2008

Nice Vancouver

It has been a long time... more then 6 month since my last posted. Well, I have been doing well with my full time job, and luckily got a part time with the Starwood Company. Everything is going fine for me now. Plus my birthday is coming up next week. I'm so excited about it, coz a friend of mine is taking me to go on the power boat to the ocean, which I have never done it before. I think that will a very nice birthday present.
I am actually just starting to enjoy my single life, do whatever I want, go where ever I want to go without being ask why you do this and where are you going, and stuffs.
Anyhow, I really think that Vancouver is a very good place to live. Since it is a slow seasons for my part time job, I now can go to the beach enjoy the sun, go rollerblading in the park, or go swimming in the pool pretty much everyday as I want to. What a life eh! :)
It is so nice to have a little bit of extra incomes in the bank, instead of being $50 less then what I have to pay for each month. Especially the gas price is so high right now... man, it is now $1.52... Holly! I used to spend less then $40 to fill up my tank, and now it's more then $50. That is crazy! On the other hand, since I have little bit of extra money in my bank account, I can eat what ever I want, even go watch movie once of while, and enjoy my social life more then before.


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