Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ongoing 101 List About Me....

1. I love sushi, specially the ‘Nigiri’

2. I also love ‘natto’ with rice. Trust me, it tastes so delicious, but try not to smell it before you eat.

3. I can paint; realistic style is my strong part.

4. I love kids, but will not have one my own!

5. I used to have two cats; older one call Bella, and younger one call Nalla

6. I have lots of different names, such as A-Bou, Peter, Jacky, A-Pia, Shwags, JP, Jeff, Jeffery, Jefferson, Jeremy, Jerry, etc.

7. Jeff is the short form of Jeffery. I think every body knows that already... and I hate people call me that!!!

8. My family call me A-Bou.

9. My bodies in Taiwan call me A-Pia.

10. My grand-pa gave me the name 'Peter'. It's from the Holly Bible.

11. My friends in university call me JP or Shwags. (shwag means 'handsome' in Chinese)

12. Jacky is the first English name that I picked back to my high-school years. (didn't use it for long)

13. Jeffery is the name I picked back to my Army year in Taiwan, I took my best budy's name and made a little bit changes... His name is Jeffrey.... I don't like the conbernation of 're' coz it does not look balance for me.... See 'Jeffery' and 'Jeffrey'. Got it?

14. Yes, by the way, I went to Army for 2 years in Taiwan. I kind of like the army life back then.

15. Jeremy... hahaha, I love this name. By some reason, people always call me Jeremy. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. Even my Prof. in University call me Jeremy. He know me really well through out my 3 1/2 years of studies, but he still call me .... you know what.... Yes 'JEREMY'. And this is the reason why from now on, I introduce my new name to all my friend. Jeremy is Me. You can call me what ever you want, I don't care, but Don't Call me Jeff!

16. I have a car call 'Little Grey' It's the Toyota Matrx... I love him, Yes, it's a Him. Grey is a guy color.

17. I love travel, and travel alone is the best once of while.

18. I used to be a 'bad boy', or i should say a 'play boy'. I had 6 girlfriends in 6 month, after I finished my Army service. Note: I only do ONE at a time, so I was not that bad... Ha-ha.

19. I have a strange type of body system. (I think) I can be gain up to 4 lb and loss 3 lbs in one day. It must be the water!

20. I am a lonely person, sometimes! Everyone does, Right?

21. I can't drink, but I am trying to 'learn' it. My face gets RED after ONE beer.

22. I am a pretty good cook, but too lazy to cook.

23. I have a tattoo on my arm, and want to have one more, but I hate needle.

24. Yellow, Orange, and Apple Green are my favorite color; maybe Red too, coz not everyone can wear Red and looks good.

25. I study art since my high-school years. I was always one of the top student in 'art' class only. lol.

26. I don't like multiple choice question, I prefer short answer.

27. I have dry skin.

28. I don't wear contacts anymore. The laser is great!

29. I am a social smoker. 30. I am a social drinker too. (Ya... what ever! Did I just mention I am learning how to drink?)

31. I am very bad with Math.

32. I was thinking of be a database administrator, maybe Web designer, or Flash Animator, but not any more, Studio Art is more me.

33. I love Vancouver, Canada, and proud to be Canadian!

34. I prefer western food rather than Asian food most of the time.

35. I love meat. Rad meat is my favorite.

36. I love Kiwi.

37. I drink OJ like water.

38. I love Superman Logo. Yes I only like the logo, not the character.

39. I have countless underwear. I do wear them, so they are not just my collections.

40. I love my grandma and aunt. They are my favorite family members.

41. I want to have a 2010 Audi A4 for my next vehicle.

42. All my friends say I have a great voice, which means I can sing?

43. San Fran. is my favorite city in North America so far beside Vancouver.

44. I think Miami is a boring city. All you see there are those countless top-less people walking on the South Beach.

45. I like Vegas, but I don't gamble.

46. I really want to be a movie or music video art production designer.

47. I can fit in a 26 inch jeans (when I was 23yr.)

48. Prefer snowboard, then ski.

49. Must take shower before I go to bed.

50. I enjoy being alone sometimes.

51. I have a tattoo of a Superman logo on my right arm.

52. I've been to the 'Caribbean' and swim with the 'dangerous and kind' fish - 'Stingray'

53. Prefer All Inclusive Vacations on land better than travel on the cruise.

54. I want to go back to San Fran again.

55. I hate to drive in the snow days.

56. I had a most expensive breakfast in Vegas for $500 US.... yap, WOW.... plus $50 US tips..... (lucky I don't need to pay for that)

57. I love water. Love to swim. I go to pool 2 to 3 times a week when I can.

58. Prefer short hair then long hair.

59. I love tofu.

60. I appreciate friends who can listen.

61. I love cheese.

62. I miss all my Taiwanese friends in Taiwan. (Best wishes to them)

63. I am more like a city boy then the country kid.

64. For beer, I prefer "Lager" - is a well attenuated beer brewed in cool conditions.

65. I think the best Lager is "1516". 66. "Foie gras"... um.... I don't like it with too much olive oil.

67. I love chocolate ice cream with strawberry jam on top.

68. I love white t-shirt with light blue jeans. "A-shirt" is hot.

69. Zara and Gas are my favorites.

70. Beluga Caviar is the best.

71. I love to go blading in Stanley Park.

72. I am certified open water scuba diver

73. I had been travel alone/solo on Europe

74. I love having BBQ in the park with bunch friends

To be continue...


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