Wednesday, November 01, 2006

it's gonna be a cold cold winter

it's getting chill in the mooring.
for the past couple days, the temperature was between 0 and -2.
the cold weather makes everything seems to be really slow.
people drive slow, walk slow, talk slow, and do everything slow...
i felt i like cold weather better than the hot weather when i was in the Caribbean, but now i think i enjoy hot weather more.
it's a sunny cold day today, but it will be raining tomorrow and it will be continuously rain for a week...
oh, my god, it's gonna be a wet and cold week nest week.
hopefully, it will be a nice sunny long weekend next week.
talk about long weekend, i haven't really decide where i should go or do for those three days holidays.
i was thinking to go whistler, but i don't really want to spend money....
aha.... people say 'money can't buy everything', but if i have the money i can do a lot of things for the long weekend, such as:
- a trip to Vegas
- flight back home to see my grandma or flight to UK to see my girl
- a nice guys' party at brandies
- a snowboard trip to whistler ( this was the plan... )
anyway, money is good, i want money, a lot of money... Chi-ching