Wednesday, October 31, 2007

back to the reality

finally it's me again. have not been here for a long long time ever. there were so many things happened, some good some bad, that is life isn't it? just got back from my Asia trip about a week now, me still in a bad jet-lag. can't sleep at night, but sleep a lot during the day (on the weekend). my life is a mess right now. the jet-lag + a bad cold or flu is killing me since i came back from Asia. oh men...
anyhow, I had a great time back in Taiwan and Shanghai. big thanks to all my friends back from Asia. BIG BIG thanks to Wendy, Karen and Peter. thank you all took me around in the big Shanghai to shop, and eat. I truly had lots of fun over there, and i will never forget about that. oh, big big thanks to Wendy's parents as well. because of them, my tommy were all been taking care of... every single night from the expensive restaurants. ha-ha-ha.
talking about Shanghai! i love that city. its a place that 'really' combined west and east together. Vancouver, Toronto, Hong Kong, Taiwan are nothing compare to Shanghai. but the only thing that i don't like in Shanghai is their cab driver. OMG, they all like the fast track drivers, holly... trust me, i've been to Thailand, the driver there are fast, but Shanghai cab driver are the worse. i know Chinese population are over the land limit, one person die is not a big deal, but i'm from Canada, and we need people here right?
it's the Halloweens again. i remember last year Sandy W. Becky, Mikki, and i went for a late night coffee, not sure if we have any gathering this year oh?