Tuesday, May 22, 2007

an uneducated woman and property inspection

I think I should start to post my daily funny stores on my blog now – I guess people already doing that and that is where the ‘blog’ come from eh?
This is a part of the email that I wrote to my wife about our town-home buyers’ inspection.
“Oh, you know who is going to buy our town-home? The buyer is it's a friend of the Unit 19! That uneducated woman - 'Miss L' was stupidly picky about our place when she was doing the inspection on Saturday. But no need to worry about it, there are all miner-miner problems - I should said it's not even the problems... they are follows:

1. The door bell need to change new batteries... She found out our door bell doesn't work, so 'Miss B' (our real estate agent) told her that should be the battery problem, and guess what she say? “Oh, Ya, our door bell doesn't work either, I think its batteries need to be change, but I just don’t know how to open the dorr bell box!"
2. She also was worrying the paintings on the wall might leave lots of holes.... of coz we will cover them up. (I really don’t think that is a problem)
3. She said the shower head is dripping, so we need to fix it.... what a stupid dump bi-a-ch. That few water drops is to prevent the water overflow in the shower head, and that's why it will drip a few drops after the water been shout off.

And one more, she even asked 'Miss B' that "Oh, why this unit looks smaller then our unit? (fxxk, 19 and 22 are exactly the same size unit, what is her problems? As I remember she is one of the few owners moved in when the town-home is completed). Why there is a world map on the wall, and the clock also has a map picture in it, is the owner really like the map or what?" 'Miss B' was really pissed about 'Miss L’s' attitude.”

Some people just don’t know how to ‘think first’ and then speck. The word that come out to their mouth are not usually go through their brain, and that is the reason why the mistake been made and a sign of the stupidity come out. One suggestion for all those people is – go get some more education.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Harrison Hot Springs

Just got back from one of the BC's famous tourism attraction - Harrison Hot Springs. I did some research before the trip, and the comments for this place are pretty mix 50% of people like it and other 50% of people really hate it. I find it is really good for a 2~3 days relaxation place specially for BC residents. It's only 2 hours drive from Vancouver, and it's really easy to find.
We stay in 'Harrison Hot Springs Spa and Resort'. It's has 5 'hot spring' pools in the hotel, and that is the reason why I picked this hotel. Gatta love swim men. It was a great trip, but the only bad thing is the raining weather. On the other hands, I was really surprise that most of the stores and restaurants in Harrison Hot Spring are dog friendly, therefore it made it a really realize trip for us - no need to eat in the hotel room with dog, no need the dog watching outside of the store, and etc. (if you have a dog, then you know what I'm talking about)
Somehow, I only take some pictures in the Minter Garden, but not in the Harrison Hot Spring. But I'm sure you can find some pictures of it from 'Google' Ha-ha.
If you want to see the pictures of the trip, click the title of this blog will take you to my Flickr site

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dancing Flower

I saw these pretty dancing flower when i went to Banff last year. They were dancing beautifully in someone's garden in a sunny afternoon. I really want to get one for my aunt's garden, but can't find it in Vancouver. So please let me know if any of you see them in lower mainland. They also been called 'Crazy Daisy' on one of the website, so I don't really know what their name are...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Okanagan Lavender

Go and cut your own lavender bouquet from their u-pick which blooms from mid-June to September.

Drinkwell Fresh Water Fountain

Product Description
- Adjustable flow rate.
- Self-contained (no need to connect to a water line).
- No overflow if power is lost.
- Pitcher-like spout is 5" above the floor, creating a waterfall effect.
- Electrical use of the appliance is 6 W.
Looks really nice...